On Wednesday June 28th, the Joep Lange Institute will be hosting a public event at De Balie. Dan Ariely will be the guest of honor, joined by Njide Ndili and Marc Wesseling, managing director of Startup Bootcamp, who is a strong and personally motivated advocate of innovation in healthtech.

We all know that companies like Facebook and Google analyze our behavior to sell ads. Why can’t we use this approach and develop social innovations to help people live healthier lives? The theme of this evening will be social innovations for health, and how the digital technology can help democratize healthcare in Africa.

The event is organized by the Joep Lange Institute with support from ahti. Read more here: https://www.debalie.nl/agenda/podium/dan-ariely-on-social-innovations-for-health/e_9782956/p_11769299/

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