HealthInc is a 12-week fulltime accelerator program that connects you to a network of healthcare and business professionals so you can build a support base for your innovation and get ready to market a validated product.

Turning healthtech startups into viable businesses

HealthInc helps entrepreneurs to develop their healthtech startup into a business with an intensive twelve-week program at the Amsterdam health & technology center (AHTC). The program supports startups in the field of health and healthcare and is run by ahti.

Access to extensive health network

Startups selected for the HealthInc program will have access to ahti's extensive network of health and healthcare organizations in Amsterdam. Together, they support the development of technology that will empower the patient or healthcare professional to better track, manage and improve health and healthcare delivery. Through these connections, we create a network of mentors and advisors that will support the startups now and in the future.

Building a successful startup

The participating startups learned the following in the first HealthInc program:

  • learned how to pitch their startups to investors;
  • learned how to close a deal once they have generated interest;
  • learned how to raise funds;
  • validated their business model;
  • met partners, investors and mentors who take a hands-on role in helping the company develop their product.

Selection process

There will be a second edition of HealthInc. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

During the program, the selected startups can use co-working space at the AHTC. The AHTC offers an entrepreneurial and creative environment to work, grow a business and meet like-minded people.

Unique opportunity

The HealthInc program is a unique opportunity for healthtech startups to get intensive training, tailor-made for the field of health and technology, and to become part of a community of health professionals and entrepreneurs.

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