Growing Business Together (GBT) helps Ghanaian entrepreneurs to accelerate their startup, in Ghana as well as in The Netherlands.

From March 3 to 24, ahti will host the GBT Business Booster at the Amsterdam health & technology center (AHTC). This five-week program spurs on budding entrepreneurs within the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands and offers them the key building blocks to move an idea to a product or service that is ready to launch into the market.

Fostering talent in entrepreneurship

By hosting the BGT Business Booster, we promote the exchange of ideas between the developed and developing countries,” says Keerthi Prasad, Senior Program Manager at ahti, “Ahti’s mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial talent in the city and we help foster this through the event.”

“We support starting entrepreneurs in water, sanitation, health, tech and IT,” says Augustina Austin from BGT, “Having ahti host us at the Amsterdam health & technology center enables us to conduct this course in a truly inspirational healthtech environment.”

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