To promote healthy living, prevention and support for people of all ages, professionals in health and welfare need to work together. However, situations can differ per population or neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Based Approach is a training program based on population care coordination. It helps local professionals from various disciplines work together with citizens in multidisciplinary teams, to ensure they can set the right priorities based on the local context.

Ahti initiated the program, developed the content and liased with the city of Amsterdam and District Zuid (South). We offer our expertise in training & education as well as its data expertise to help the participants in this program work together to identify and address priorities in their own neighborhood. Other partners are the urban village of Olympia, the Willem de Zwijger Church, the Southern Neighbourhood Care network, Combiwel, Cordaan, Doras and GGZinGeest.

For more information: Guus ten Asbroek

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