The current system of acute geriatric care in the Netherlands is not functioning optimally. The Dolce Vita-project adresses bottlenecks in geriatric care and facilitates the development of an integrated and coordinated planning approach at macro level.

The health situation

After the recent large-scale political-financial transition of the care system initiated in 2015, older persons experience major difficulties in receiving prompt, adequate and appropriate care when needed. Temporary care is for example not always available, older people who cannot go straight-home after a hospital admission are often difficult to place, and the hospital’s emergency department is structurally overloaded.

The challenge

These problems arise from a mismatch in today’s complex system of acute geriatric care at macro level, which is characterized by a multitude of care providers and three financial-political instruments. Following a study by SIGRA (2017), this mismatch is caused by several bottlenecks:

  • Which occur primarily at the transition points between the different care providers;
  • Demand and supply of resources are not well-aligned, due to lack of qualitative insight;
  • A lack of system-level coordination and planning possibilities.

The project

Ahti combines forces with Amsterdam UMC, CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Informatics), VU University and SIGRA, to address these bottlenecks and facilitate the development of an integrated and coordinated planning approach at the macro level. We do this by developing an innovative quantitative real-world data model that on the one hand gains insight into the complex dynamics and impeding constraints at play, while on the other hand it enables the generation of ‘what-if scenario’s, supporting joint prediction and decision making among the different stakeholders in the system on long-term policy decisions and investments and short-term capacity choices.

Shortly, the Dolce Vita-project improves transparency into the geriatric care system and supports system-wide optimization.


The project got funding from NWO.
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