Under leadership of Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Waag Society and Dementiewinkel.nl, ahti contributed to the development of the “FIT Keuzehulp”. This online tool helps people with dementia, their caregivers and care professionals to discuss the individual situation of the person with dementia together and then look for the best fit of available (technical) products and services.

Ahti created the video below, which explains how to use the FIT-Keuzehulp (in Dutch):


The FIT project is a collaboration between various knowledge institutions, care organizations, businesses, informal caregivers and care professionals with the aim of helping people with dementia live a home longer, in a more independent way.

Coming up with solutions for people with dementia who live at home longer is obviously a standard part of neighborhood care. However, it often depends on the individual caregiver how systematic individual care needs are explored. Technical aids are often overlooked, even though the possibilities of staying at home longer with the help of technology keep growing.

To support the use of “FIT Keuzehulp” by neighborhood care teams in day-to-day practice, ahti, Vivium, Izovator and Hilverzorg developed a short information module on how to use the online FIT Keuzehulp.


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