Begin september is er een nieuw cohort van healthtech startups geselecteerd om te starten aan het derde Healthinc accelerator programma. De komende maanden gaan zij in een snelkookpan aan de slag met hun business model en worden klaargestoomd om te netwerken met investeerders, partners en andere stakeholders. Interesse om in contact te komen met een van de startups? Neem dan contact op met Mawgosia Bos (ahti/HealthInc).

Bekijk hier de lijst met startups die deelnemen:

  • BloodPORT: BloodPORT connects you to blood donors, blood banks, hospitals & events/camps nearby, instantly.
  • CureAssist: CureAssist is an AI-powered digital hospital.
  • DanAid: a Mutual Health Organization for the Cameroonians at home and from the diaspora.
  • GeminiLab: allows men to receive clinically approved sperm health reports without visiting a clinic.
  • Gleeworld Pharmacy: a subscription-based tele-pharmacy and medication delivery startup offering convenient access to affordable medicines with free delivery in 1 hour.
  • Health Innovation Hub: building a Personalised Health as a Service (PHaaS) platform offering individualized testing & health analysis to empower clients towards improved health.
  • Healers: A web and mobile-based application for facilitating home visits by doctors on weekends and non-office hours on weekdays.
  • Neo Childcare: A Digital Child Heath service provider bridging the gap of access to healthcare for children especially in Nigeria.
  • Neurotops: faster contact with psychotherapists, yet dramatically easier than ever before.
  • newGenia: newGenia is developing solutions to bring down the cost of genomic data analysis using secure and high-performance computing.
  • Qlear Analytics: helps pathologists detect and evaluate anatomic samples in 3D with its innovative second-reader digital pathology system.
  • Telemedicols: An intelligent software that analyzes CT / MRI / X-rays to detect and examine cancerous tumors
  • Zeus Care: a Mobile App in health with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data that connects patients with doctors and pharmacies in an easy and efficient way and where payments can be made through electronic means.

Lees meer over het programma op de website van HealthInc.

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