Health care management students from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University from Loerrach, Germany, visited ahti today to find out more about the Dutch healthcare system.

Study trip

“We were looking for organizations that have expertise about this subject. I heard from one of my colleagues that they had been to ahti before, for a similar studytrip, and they said it was really good,” says Professor Dr Joachim Wölle, Head of Department and organizer of the trip, “Lian (ahti’s Education Program Development Manager, red.) was very open and welcoming and the reception and presentation here have been great. I have a group of physiotherapy students who are planning a trip in July, it would be great for them to visit ahti as well and learn more about Dutch heathcare.”

The students in their last year of Business Administration – Health Care Management learn about the various healthcare systems of different countries all over the world and are on a studytrip in Amsterdam for a week.

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