Monday, June 18, ahti hosted a meetup of Health 2.0 Amsterdam for the second time at the Amsterdam Health & Technology Center (AHTC). Health 2.0 is a meetup group that connects and supports people in health innovation. Theme was General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in healthcare. The focus of this evening was on the (positive) effect of GDPR on healthcare and the challenges entrepreneurs face with regards to compliance with GDPR.

Protection of personal data
Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of data has had the positive effect of highlighting the importance of protecting consumer’s online privacy and protecting data of data subjects more generally. Businesses are either pushed or feel the urge to embrace legal (and ethical) data usage and commit to doing everything in their power to protect personal data. During the Meetup, participants discussed recent developments in data-driven healthcare and the role of data protection, what this regulation means for startups and how it can boost innovation.

Frederieke Jacobs, co-founder of SmartHealth, a consultancy business specialized in e-Health, shared an overview of recent developments regarding privacy & digital health. Willem Timmers Attorney-at-law at Marree en Dijxhoorn, talked about the impact of the GDPR for digital health entrepreneurs. Rob van Rij and Floor Borgonjen (Philips, corporate venturing) revealed practical steps and considerations in applying privacy by design principles for MyHealthJourney, a Personal Health Record in development. And last but not least, Winfried Tilanus (Privacy Strategist and Privacy Architect), discussed privacy in healthcare.

Sofie van der Meulen, one of the organizers, said: “Personally I very much enjoyed the event as the speaker curation worked out well, which meant all speakers had their own view on the (positive) impact and of the GDPR. Furthermore, it was nice to see everyone mixing during the break and afterwards.”

Health 2.0 Amsterdam
Health 2.0 Amsterdam is about connecting and supporting people who share a passion for health innovation and entrepreneurship. By putting all together in one place, they seek to transform healthcare and ensure health for people.

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