Health challenge

With a population that lives longer, but not always healthier, there are many challenges that healthcare systems need to face. Many people are starting up healthtech ventures that aim to make healthcare safer, more efficient and more cost-effective, while also improving quality of life and providing a more personalized, tailor-made approach that puts the patient in the center.

What’s the problem

Many starting entrepreneurs have great ideas to improve healthcare, but find it difficult to translate these in specific actions that will help them to develop their product or business.

What do we want to achieve with this project

Ahti’s Venture Mentoring Program (VMP) helps startups market their healthcare innovations. By teaching them practical skills, helping them get access to funding opportunities, connecting them with scientists, care professionals and like-minded entrepreneurs and developing real world evidence for their prototypes, the VMP supports and stimulates the improvement of healthcare by promising entrepreneurs.

What is ahti’s role

Ahti worked together with its partner Duke University (Durham, NC, USA) to develop the VMP, which is based on a successful existing program developed by Prof. Jesko von Windheim. Ahti facilitated the course at the Amsterdam Health & Technology Center (AHTC).


Name: Venture Mentoring Program
Status: Completed
Countries: The Netherlands
Partners: Duke University, Axon Lawyers

For more information: Laurens van Hoorn, Managing Director

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