We developed a Master’s course for the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, to teach future care professionals how to use innovative technology to ensure cost-effective solutions.

The health situation

The current changes in healthcare systems include a central role for technology. The use of technology has various positive effects, one of them being the (cost)effectiveness of the system. Technology, therefore, can reduce the pressure on staff and other resources and contribute to a more sustainable health care system.

The challenge

There is a gap between existing technologies and the way these are used to their full potential. To ensure an effective use of innovations, it is important to have health professionals with an adequate knowledge of technology and the ability to develop new solutions. However, most of the current professionals were trained in a period when technology was not a key part of the curriculum.

The purpose of the project

In this Master’s course at VU University Amsterdam, students learn about front-line technologies and reflect on the impact these will have on healthcare. They also learn how to turn needs or opportunities from the healthcare sector into solutions based on technology. the After this course, the future professionals will have knowledge about both innovative technology and ways this leads to cost-effective solutions to improve the healthcare system as a whole.

What is ahti’s role?

VU University Amsterdam requested ahti to develop the course as part of their MSc Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Sciences program. After the initial setup, ahti is transferring the coordination of the course to the Athena Institute of the VU University.


Name: Management of Innovative Technologies in the Community based Healthcare (MITCH)
Status of ahti’s role: completed
Countries: the Netherlands
Client / Partner: VU University (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Funded by: ahti & VU

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