HealthInc has begun scouting for the next HealthInc accelerator program that will begin in September! So are you a #startup or #scaleup in #healthtech [Telehealth, Digital health or Predictive Analytics] and are you interested to be accelerated? Or do you know people who would be interested? Contact HealthInc for more information & visit

Why should you apply? This is what our alumni told us:

“A great opportunity for every startup working in the digital health space. It prepares you well to have a strong start as a health tech startup to go global and create a positive impact with your solution. Networking is rich and the online sessions with
the mentors and advisors were all given at the right time to move step by step in presenting the startup better.”

“I really enjoyed every part of the program, having the opportunity of meeting experts who can give their input into the company, meeting the other startups and realising that even though we’re all different, we face very similar challenges. In just 3 months, we have been able to get real traction, with B2B sales, app downloads and product validation.”


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