At ahti we follow interesting news items about health, data and innovation. In this way, we gain insights about improvements in health and healthcare. In the last few weeks we have found the following items to share with you. Some are in Dutch, some are in English.

1. Eindeloos dolen in het elektronische patiëntendossier – Trouw, 11-08-2020

Alleen digitaliseren is niet genoeg: interessant artikel over het gebruik van het elektronisch patiënten dossier en waar het pijnlijk nog fout gaat.

Psychiaters trekken er zelden over aan de bel, maar bij langdurige behandelingen blijkt het elektronisch patiëntendossier een obstakel voor goede zorg. Eerdere suïcidepogingen en bijwerkingen van medicatie? Het is nauwelijks terug te vinden.

2. Here they come…

Google Cloud and Amwell Partner to Transform and Expand Access to Virtual Care – Google Cloud, 24-08-2020
Strategic, long-term partnership will include comprehensive collaboration on technology, innovation, and go-to-market delivery. Companies aim to transform patient and clinician telehealth experiences leveraging their unique technology capabilities, including AI/ML and collaboration tools. As part of this partnership, Google Cloud will also invest $100 million in Amwell.

Google Cloud AI and Harvard Global Health Institute Collaborate on new COVID-19 forecasting model – Google Cloud, 03-08-2020
In partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute, Google Cloud is releasing the COVID-19 Public Forecasts to serve as an additional resource for first responders in healthcare, the public sector, and other impacted organizations preparing for what lies ahead. These forecasts are available for free and provide a projection of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and other metrics over the next 14 days for US counties and states.

3. Oud en Zelfstandig, een reisadvies, commissie o.l.v. Wouter Bos
Om de zorg voor thuiswonende ouderen in de toekomst op peil te houden is het nodig nú te investeren in geschikte woningen, in digitalisering van dagelijks leven en zorg en in lokale en regionale samenwerking in zorg en ondersteuning. Dat schrijft de commissie Toekomst zorg thuiswonende ouderen in het advies ‘Oud en zelfstandig in 2030. Aangepast REISadvies’, dat commissievoorzitter Wouter Bos vandaag aanbiedt aan minister Hugo de Jonge van VWS.

4. F*ck the algorithm’? 5 ways algorithms already rule our lives – Politico
School grades are not the only area where algorithms have a say. Here are some of the ways in which algorithms are running our lives.

5. The Panopticon Is Already Here – The Atlantic, september issue

Not about health, but the article shows the effects of technological development.

Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government’s totalitarian control—and he’s exporting this technology to regimes around the globe.

6. This Big Data Startup Raised $12 Million To Speed Up Clinical Trials For Coronavirus Research – Forbes, 19-08-2020

New funding for a collegue in our network, Castor. Congratulations!

Researchers across the globe are developing medicines based on technology that would have sounded like science-fiction a few years ago: cancer vaccines, stem cells that cure genetic disorders, brain-computer implants and more. But the clinical trial process to bring these advances to market is stuck in the 20th century: time-consuming and clunky, managed with spreadsheets and reams of paper, making data difficult to access and share. Derk Arts is changing that with the company he founded in his basement: Castor. His aim is to “bring medical research to the 21st century by allowing researchers all across the world to very efficiently run clinical trials.”

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