This project aims at innovation in health care through strengthening the education of nurses. Fieldlabs creates learning spaces in the neighbourhood to facilitate interaction between clients, patients, professionals and students. New health technologies are an important part of these interactions. Fieldlabs offers a testing area for new technologies that clients and professionals can use in the clients’ residence.

There are three locations:

  • Fieldlab Amsterdam – Hof van Sloten
  • Fieldlab Amsterdam – Vreugdehof, and
  • Fieldlab Almere – Logeerhuis Zorgfix

Ahti has been part of Fieldlabs since 2016 and contributes research capacity to study the experiences of the different user groups with Fieldlabs.

Status & timelines

2018, data collection started and will continue through spring 2020.


ROC Amsterdam, ROC Flevoland, ROC-TOP, Amstelring, Cordaan, Zorgfix (Almere), SIGRA; several technologie and e-health organization, Cinnovate, innovatiecentrum GWIA, Stichting ZorgInc, City of Amsterdam, Hogeschool Windesheim

More info

Read more about the project & results on the Fieldlabs website (in Dutch).


Rachel van Beem
Head of Projects
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