The ‘Neighborhood hospital’ addresses the need of recovering safely of medical interventions before going home. This is especially important for elder people who need time to recover, though often without complex care.

Health situation

Research shows that if people stay at a hospital for a week or longer, the probability of them dying within six months increases by 30%. Still, elderly people who need some medical care after a fall, often end up in the hospital without needing the level of hospital care. However, they have no other place to go, often due to cut backs in retirement and nursing homes.

What’s the problem

Since the reform of long-term care in 2015, the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) has noticed a 20% increase of frail elderly in their Emergency Room. They are taken into the hospital, because there are no facilities elsewhere for them to receive lower complex care. This often leads to more complications for the patient, such as confusion, functional decline and muscle loss.

What is the goal of this project

Buurtziekenhuis is meant to close the gap between hospital and home. The project is set up as a pilot in Amsterdam Zuidoost. It aims to facilitate lower complex care that is not suitable for home treatment by providing a more therapeutic environment – close to people’s homes and social networks. This leads to a more personalized approach, more activation and better use of the available specialized care.

What is ahti’s role

To help Buurtziekenhuis get a better insight of the patient-flow, ahti visualized the Emergency Room data of the AMC. Thanks to this data analysis, Neighborhood hospital has a better understanding of the influx of future patients, so that they can prepare accordingly and efficiently.


Name: Neighborhood hospital
Status of ahti’s activities: Completed
Countries: the Netherlands
Client / Partner: Neighborhood hospital, Amsterdam UMC – location AMC
Funded by: Amsterdam UMC – location AMC


Rachel van Beem
Head of Projects
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