Last month, ahti received a TKI grant for the CVRM project (Cardiovascular Risk Management). This funding helps to further develop and test a self-management tool with an automated and intelligent patient triaging and treatment system for the management of hypertension.

Smart algorithms
Total funding of this project is 285,000 euro. With this funding, a self-management system for hypertension will be developed. This mobile application helps patients to measure their blood pressure. The data will be analyzed and via a smart algorithm, based on codified guidelines the best possible personal (medical) treatment will be developed.

Personalized care
With this system, more people will be able to take control of their own blood pressure with equal or lower healthcare costs. Relevant factors such as age, morbidity and ethnicity will also be taken into consideration, to enable patient-tailored treatment. We expect that the provided personalized care will improve adherence while decreasing the number of practice visits.

Hypertension facts in the Netherlands
Hypertension is the most important potentially preventable risk factor for premature death worldwide, especially from cardiovascular causes. In the Netherlands:
• 32% of the adult population is hypertensive.
• Many of hypertensive patients are still untreated or have their blood pressure uncontrolled
• Despite blood pressure lowering medication, hype leads to considerable morbidity and related high healthcare costs.

What is TKI?
TKI stands for ‘Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie’. TKI was set up to stimulate innovationand public-private cooperation projects. In the TKIs entrepreneurs and scientists from nine top sectors together look for ways to bring innovative products and services to the market.

These nine top sectors are:
• Water & Maritime
• Horticulture & Starting Materials
• Logistics
• Life Sciences & Health
• High Tech Systems & Materials
• Energy
• Creative Industry
• Chemicals
• Agri & Food

For more information, get in touch with: Rachel van Beem, Senior Project Team Leader

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