Global Perspectives on Digital Health

Together with KIT Royal Tropical Institute, ahti jointly organizes a new course ‘Global Perspectives on Digital Health’. Due to the current situation this course is now fully online through interactive sessions.

This two-week course offers an introduction to the broad, diverse, and rapidly changing field of digital health. You will learn about possible digital tools and strategies to address public health issues, with an emphasis on how digital health works in various settings and how digital health interventions can help more people in low-, middle- and high-income countries.
This inspiring and practical course for health care practitioners and policymakers will connect participants to the different digital health initiatives in Amsterdam and the region.

The contents of the course are:
– Defining digital health, principles and classification
– Opportunities and limitations for digital health in LMICs
– Surveying demand and feasibility of digital health solutions
– Guidance on implementation of digital health interventions

Course period:
Week 1: 10-14 January 2022, e-learning
Week 2: 14-18 February 2022, e-learning
Note: It is also possible to follow only the first week of the course.

Application deadline: 6 December 2021 (extended deadline)

Visit the website of KIT for more information and to sign up for the course.

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