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Supporting Ghanaian talents in entrepreneurship

Growing Business Together (GBT) helps Ghanaian entrepreneurs to accelerate their startup, in Ghana as well as in The Netherlands. From March 3 to 24, ahti will host the GBT Business Booster at the Amsterdam health & technology center (AHTC). This five-week program spurs on budding entrepreneurs within the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands and offers…

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HealthInc Incubator Amsterdam ahti startups

Ahti’s HealthInc is an intensive full-time incubator program for early stage health and technology startups. We help them develop their venture and bringing products and services into the market that will truly contribute to a better healthcare at lower costs. HealthInc is powered by Startupbootcamp.

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Neighborhood based Approach

Wijkbrede Aanpak gezondheid Amsterdam

Changing demographics, the increase of chronic diseases and a growing demand of health care services are causing a continuous pressure on health budgets. The health care system in the Netherlands is changing, pivoting towards a more societal approach – our so called ‘participatie’ (participation). The quest for sustainable care solutions is not addressing technology only.…

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Neighborhood hospital

The ‘Neighborhood hospital’ addresses the need of recovering safely of medical interventions before going home. This is especially important for elder people who need time to recover, though often without complex care.

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