Amsterdam is one of the first European cities to call a halt to HIV and AIDS once and for all. According to the latest report published by UNAIDS on the eve of the international AIDS conference in Paris, Amsterdam has already reached the international UN targets. This is partly due to the unique, ground-breaking work of the H-TEAM (Hiv-Transmissie Eliminatie AMsterdam).

Data visualization

The H-TEAM is a unique collaboration between all the organisations and parties involved in the prevention and treatment of HIV in Amsterdam, including the target groups. Visualizing both new HIV diagnoses and HIV prevalence in combination with socio-demographic data across the city helps identify high-risk areas better. The Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti) analyzes and visualizes HIV trends in Amsterdam’s neighborhoods to support the H-TEAM in planning interventions that prevent new infections and prioritize areas for testing.

Read full article about the H-TEAM here in Dutch or English.

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