The City of Amsterdam will continue to support ahti with 6 mln euro for the continuation period 2018-2024. By connecting people, technology, information and entrepreneurship, ahti stimulates innovation in health.

Ahti is going to target Innovation and Entrepreneurship within healthtech to achieve the following objectives:

  • Facilitate targeted (policy) interventions and healthcare services in the international network of living labs
  • Stimuate economic activity (start-up and scale-up) within the Amsterdam healthtech sector.

Focus areas will be:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Childhood obesity
  • Cardiovascular care

Ahti stimulates innovation in health by:

  • acting as a Health Connector by bringing people and organizations together
  • create better insights into concrete health and healthcare issues on a local level by generating actionable data
  • help healthtech startups develop their innovations with the accelerator program HealthInc
  • monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of new partnership formats, finance mechanisms and policy interventions based on Real World Evidence (Triple Aim Impact Monitor)

Find out more about the ahti strategic plan 2018-2024

Health, care and costs

The Amsterdam health & technology institute started in 2014 with a small team and the ambition to improve the quality of care against lower costs. In the kick-off phase, ahti worked together with a broad spectrum of partners in more than 80 projects and proposals. With the continued support of the City of Amsterdam, ahti will keep working on innovation in health for the City and its residents.

For more information: Laurens van Hoorn, Managing Director

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