Our partners

Our partners

For ahti, it is critical to work in partnership with others. Either as a catalyst for new ideas and relationships, either as a content expert or a project manager. The city of Amsterdam is our major funder.

We develop partnerships with key leadership organizations in a number of areas. Currently, we work with:


ahti gemeente Amsterdam
GGD Amsterdam ahti partner
EFRO EU ahti Amsterdam Zuidoost


Ace Venture Lab ahti partner Amsterdam Startups Incubator
Health e Foundation ahti partner
joep_lange_institute ahti partner
OLVG ahti
ROHA logo Amsterdam ahti


AMC ahti partner health technology
Hogeschool Amsterdam ahti partner
Chongqing_Medical_University_ahti partner
Duke Kunshan University ahti partner
Duke_University ahti partner
IXA ahti
ROC van Amsterdam ahti
UvA ahti Amsterdam
Universiteit Twente ahit partner health technology
VU Amsterdam ahti partner


achmea ahti partner gezondheid
ahold ahti partner gezondheid
Boston consulting group BCG ahti partner
DutchRE ahti partner AHTC
NLC ahti incubator startups Amsterdam
Zo!City ahti partner Amsterdam Zuidoost

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The Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti) was launched in 2014 with the support of the City of Amsterdam. One of our major drivers is to transform healthcare by stimulating the development and use of technology as to achieve better health at lower costs.

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Vision and mission

We believe that technology can solve significant health challenges and positively impact the health and well-being of people everywhere.

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