About us

About us

The Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti) improves urban health and healthcare in Amsterdam and the rest of the world by connecting people, technology and medical knowledge through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Transforming healthcare together

Healthy citizens and a healthy city go hand in hand. Better health at lower costs is one of the major challenges that governments worldwide are facing nowadays. We believe that technology and innovation are a solution to the problem. But health innovation is not limited to entrepreneurs only, it is a systemic challenge that involves public and private organizations, care professionals and individuals.

Healthtech network

Transforming healthcare requires talent, entrepreneurship and a multi-disciplinary approach. This is why ahti is part of a broad network of organizations, addressing opportunities in the market, connecting knowledge and, ultimately, creating impact.


Ahti has Amsterdam as initial area of work. The city is renowned for entrepreneurship and health research. It has some of the best international health research centers, academic hospitals and a booming entrepreneurial scene.

Real life testing

Amsterdam also has the ‘typical urban population’, diverse in many ways and open to innovation. This makes the city the ideal center of our global network of Living Labs, where we test and validate innovations at early stage in real world environments, before letting these been scaled up and taken to the market.

Data analysis

Moreover, the city is renowned for its data technology. Through data analysis and visualizations, ahti provides insights on current health situations turning them into actionable data as an important source of information for policy makers. We use data also to create awareness among the population and stimulate healthy behavior.


You can find us at the Amsterdam health & technology center (AHTC), next to the Academic Medical Center, at the heart of a district dedicated to health and technology. At the AHTC, we bring together health organizations and foster entrepreneurship, supporting them with educational trainings and meetups.

We approach our work from a triple aim perspective.

We take into account how the intervention, product or service improves the experience of care and the health of populations and reduces the costs of health.

We facilitate (policy)interventions and care services within the international network of Living Labs and foster economic activity for startups and scale ups within the Amsterdam health sector.

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Vision and mission

We believe that technology can solve significant health challenges and positively impact the health and well-being of people everywhere.


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For ahti, it is critical to work in partnership with others. Either as a catalyst for new ideas and relationships, either as a content expert or a project manager. The City of Amsterdam is our major partner.

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