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Ahti brings together people to work on innovation and entrepreneurship in health. Through our extensive network of health and business professionals, we help payers, providers and entrepreneurs develop solutions for better quality of care, higher patient satisfaction and more cost-efficiency in Amsterdam and the rest of the world.

We turn data into actionable insights to clarify complex issues and help startups develop their business to accelerate innovation in health.

Transforming healthcare together

Founded in 2014 with support of the City of Amsterdam, ahti aims to create a thriving eco system for healthtech innovation and entrepreneurship in the City.

Together with partners such as Amsterdam UMC and real estate developers, ahti is bringing healthtech organizations and companies to the Amsterdam Life Sciences District, an inspiring environment for open innovation.

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Vision and mission

We believe that technology can solve significant health challenges and positively impact the health and well-being of people everywhere.


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For ahti, it is critical to work in partnership with others. Either as a catalyst for new ideas and relationships, either as a content expert or a project manager. The City of Amsterdam is our major partner.

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