FIT project

The FIT project is a method to develop tailor-made packages, a combination of products and services, to help people with dementia live at home longer, in a more independent way.

The health situation

People with dementia want to continue living at home as long as possible. The possibilities of technological home based care are growing fast. However, for the patient as well as for the caregivers, it is difficult to decide which solution is the most suitable in their specific situation.

The challenge

There are thousands of products and services to support dementia patients to live at home, but there is no support to help dementia patients and their caregivers make the right choice for the most suitable solution in their stage of dementia and their specific context.

The purpose of this project

The FIT project develops a method to make available products and services fit the situation and stage of illness of the people suffering from dementia. The purpose is to offer tailor-made solutions, combining products and services, to help people stay at home longer.

What is ahti’s role

Many partners are involved in this project. Ahti will:

  • Map out the variables which are relevant in helping people with dementia live at home longer
  • Develop a method to make available products and services fit the behavior, situation and phase of dementia
  • Train professionals of the care organizations involved



Name: FIT project
Status: Finished
Partners: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Waag Society, VU Medical Center, VU University Amsterdam, TNO, Hilverzorg, Vivium, Amsta, Amsterdam Economic Board
Funded by: Ministry of Economic Affairs (program Topconsortia Knowledge and Innovation)

For more information: Guus ten Asbroek, Senior Program Manager