Ahti launches accelerator program for healthtech startups

The Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti) is launching HealthInc, an accelerator program for early-stage healthtech startups. The intensive ten-week program takes place at the Amsterdam health & technology center (AHTC) and starts on October 9, 2017.

Transforming healthcare together

“Ahti stimulates innovation in care. With this program, we help startups who are working on healthcare solutions to bring their products and services to market,” says Laurens van Hoorn, Managing Director of ahti

Joining the program are seven startups who work on various healthcare solutions, which include a method to better predict depression, an asthma compass that determines the right dosage of medication for different circumstances and stress reduction by using interactive pods.

Access to extensive health network

Startups selected for the HealthInc program will have access to ahti’s extensive network of health and healthcare organizations in Amsterdam. Together, they support the development of technology that will empower the patient or healthcare professional to better track, manage and improve health and healthcare delivery.