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Saif Ali wants to improve access to medicine with his startup MedMee. “We are working on an app that lists all the local pharmacies that can deliver to your doorstep.”

“I am from Lahore, Pakistan. When I was a kid, my mother suffered from hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland that can cause anxiety, rapid heartbeat, weight loss, sleep problems and other symptoms). She needed high potency drugs three times a day. More often than usual, she used to forget to take the medicine on time. Then she needed to compensate and would take extra doses which made her case even worse, leading to a surgery, which left her unable to speak even a single word for the next 10 days.”


Fake medicine

“What we want to do is build a directory of pharmacies. By bringing the local pharmacies online, we want to make it easier for patients to have it delivered to their doorstep. These will only be licensed and inspected pharmacies, because there is a huge global market for fake medicine. Maybe this is not a risk in the Dutch market, but in developing countries and elsewhere it is. We want to combat that and ensure only high quality medicine reach our users.”

“We are developing a virtual nurse at the moment. Her name is Casey, inspired by a real British nurse. She knows your prescription and reminds you about which medicine to take and when. We want to make sure the patient gets the medicine on time and uses it the right way, so the treatment is effective and personalized. Casey is in beta stage at the moment, we launched her on Facebook Messenger as a chatbot to test.”


HealthTech park

“If you are a startup, you’re always looking for new opportunities. I was on LinkedIn and saw a post about HealthInc. We submitted the application, they allowed us to pitch via a webcam and here we are. We are staying in Zuidoost. The HealthInc program is different because it’s intensive, they are always giving us tasks. It’s exhausting but in a good way and we are learning a lot. There are a lot of workshops. You won’t find anything like this in Pakistan, with this quality and intensity. We’re even part of Amsterdam Life District now, so in the future we can proudly say we came from the Dutch Healthtech Park.”


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