Ahti, together with the University of Twente and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), developed the first Post Master academic program in The Netherlands that provides a formal education at the intersection of health, business and technology.

The health situation

Solutions to health related challenges can be found at various levels of the health system. Finding sustainable solutions, therefore, require a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account our complex health system and the business imperatives of innovation. There is currently no academic program in the Netherlands that provides a formal education at the intersection of health, business and technology.

The challenge

This two-year part-time academic program challenges professionals from various academic disciplines in health to design and develop innovative, interdisciplinary solutions for a sustainable healthcare system, to be used in Amsterdam and beyond. Though often trained in just one discipline, these professionals will operate in multi-disciplinary environments where they have to combine scientific disciplines with a large variety of skills, to create innovative solutions to complex problems in healthcare.

The purpose of the program

In this postmaster course, students learn to design and develop solutions on a macro (policy and management), meso (systems and processes) and micro (direct patient interactions) level in the health system. To speed the development and ensure the effectiveness, the participants test the solutions in real world. Developing a strong business acumen is also a part of the curriculum.

What is ahti’s role?

Ahti initiated this program with the support of Duke Global Health Institute. In this program, ahti bridges the gap between education, research and entrepreneurship to enhance the effect of new technological solutions in care and achieve better health at lower costs. The program is offered by UTwente in collaboration with the AMC and ahti.


Name: Professional Doctorate in Engineering – Healthcare Design
Status of ahti’s role: active, first course starts January 2018
Enrollment first course: April – July 2017
Countries: the Netherlands
Partners: Universiteit Twente and Amsterdam Medical Center
Contact information ahti: Guus ten Asbroek, Sr Program Manager

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