Amsterdam Life Sciences District

Amsterdam is full of entrepreneurial talent. It is also a health research hub with a diverse urban population, suitable for study and Real life testing. We now bring these powerful forces together and speed up innovation in health and technology.

Igniting an entrepreneurial explosion in the Amsterdam Life Sciences District (Amsterdam Southeast)

The development of the Amsterdam Life Sciences District in the Southeast of Amsterdam is in full swing. Medical companies and academic institutions work closely together in a unique culture of open innovation. This thriving ecosystem is characteristic for the area. Entrepreneurs and scientists work together and inspire each other. Companies connect. Established businesses expand and innovations start here to find their way over the world.

Together with our partners, we create a district dedicated to health and entrepreneurship. Here, leading medical research facilities and health related companies are building a new ecosystem that drives innovation in health. At the heart of the park is the Amsterdam health & technology center: a hub connecting health and care organizations, and a home base for ahti.

And there is more. The neighborhood is now being turned into a vibrant ‘health area’. Public spaces are being transformed. Residential buildings, equipped with the latest age friendly technologies, created for the ageing population. New employment opportunities arise for people living in the area.

Opportunity for growth

Space is rarely available in Amsterdam. Because of that, it’s even more special that the Amsterdam Life Sciences District offers plenty of room to build. Established companies have the opportunity to build and expand, and startups develop their businesses in multi-tenant buildings.

For more information, get in touch with Martijn Kriens, Business Development Manager.


EFRO EU ahti Amsterdam Zuidoost

A growing entrepreneurial community is building a new ecosystem, to speed up innovation in health.

“The AMC is more than research and care. We want to create a positive impact on our environment.
For this purpose, we work with the community of the area on various levels. Like on innovation in health and on physical connections of the AMC with the area South East South.”

Emile Spek
Director Real Estate AMC

“Space for innovation, that’s what we deliver.”

 John Magielsen
Real Estate Manager Caransa